Cherries Jubilee Recipe

Cherries Jubilee Recipe

Yes! finally the most awaited dessert (cherries jubilee) recipe is here.

Before starting with this recipe, let me ask you a question.

“How much do you love desserts?”

Not to mention, they are the climax to any meal, and our taste buds are never satisfied without awakening its sweet senses. 

With the unimaginable variety of desserts available out there, we are spoiled for choices. We could have anything right from chocolate to ice-cream, to classic sweets to chef’s exotic creations, and the list goes on to satisfy the playful sweet tooth.

I love to surprise my family and guests with new and exotic desserts.

I came across the recipe of Cherries Jubilee in a magazine and its rich red color and texture intrigued me a lot. I decided to try this recipe and add something unique to my list of desserts.

I was fascinated by the name as seasonal Cherries is the much-awaited fruit in my home. Its sweet, juicy, and red texture is something we drool over.

I tried this Cherries Jubilee at a restaurant with vanilla ice-cream and I loved it so much that I ordered another plate and was so engrossed into the melting flavors in my mouth that I hardly paid any heed to what was happening around.

I tried this recipe several times at home to finally make it perfect.

Cherries Jubilee

What is Cherries Jubilee?

It is a dessert made from exotic red cherries and Kirschwasser liquor or rum which is flambeed and served as a topping over vanilla ice-cream.

The texture is so delightful, rich, and kitschy that people often consume it without the ice-cream.

History of Cherries Jubilee

Cherries Jubilee was invented for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 by Georges- Auguste Escoffier.

His original version didn’t have ice cream. Before this dish was invented, cherries poached in a simple syrup, with no alcohol in them, and unflamed existed.

Cherries Jubilee was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

cherries jubilee

How to make Cherries Jubilee?

It is one of the easiest desserts you will ever make and undoubtedly one of the best. You don’t need to master baking skills to make this as it prepared on the stovetop in less than 15 minutes.


  • 1pound fresh ripe sweet cherries
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1/3 cup Kirsch or rum
  • Vanilla ice cream, for serving (optional)


Preparation Time – 15 minutes
Cooking Time   –   10 minutes
Total Time    –    25 minutes

Now, let’s start preparing them:

  • Wash and pit the cherries. Put the cherries and sugar in a large skillet.
  • Peel two strips of zest from the lemon with a peeler and add them to the cherries.
  • Squeeze the juice of lemon from the top and stir to mix everything properly.
  • Cover and cook the cherries on medium-low heat for 4minutes or until the sugar dissolves.
  • Uncover and cook over medium-high flame for 5minutes or until the cherries get juicy.
  • To flambe the rum, pull the pan off from the gas flame and add the rum. Ignite the alcohol with a long match or one held with tongs. Swirl the pan slightly until the flames subside.
  • If you are cooking over an electric stove put the rum in a small saucepan and warm it over medium-low heat. Light it carefully with a long match and pour the lit rum over cherries. Swirl the pan lightly until the flames subside.
  • Pour your Cherries Jubilee evenly over vanilla ice cream scoops immediately and serve.


Flambéing is a very easy trick used to caramelize the sugars in a sauce and to deepen the flavor of the dessert while burning off some of the liquor. However, if you don’t want to try flambéing, it’s completely alright. Your sauce will still taste delicious. Just make sure you boil your sauce and make it syrupy.

Cherry juice can be substituted for the cherry liquor and apple juice can be substituted for the brandy. If you substitute alcohol, your dish won’t flame but will still taste great.

Make sure, you use the pan with shorter sides such as Suzette pan. This will make it easier to flame the mixture.

This dessert tastes best when topped with vanilla ice cream. However, you are free to experiment with it or eat it without anything. It’ll taste just amazing.

Kirsch makes the best Cherries Jubilee. Don’t settle for the cheapest you can buy. This the recipe where a good quality makes all the difference and you surely wouldn’t want to compromise on that.

You can use packaged cherries if you don’t have fresh ones.

Cherries Jubilee
Flaming Cherries Jubilee

Why should you give it a try?

Be it a cozy dinner with your loved ones or a get-together with your friends and family, Cherries Jubilee will surely make your evening a hit.

 It is so unique yet a classic dessert that requires minimum efforts and is something that will become the show stopper of your meal.

This sauce could be served with Grasshopper Pie, The Zombie Cocktail, Devils on Horseback appetizer, and just anything.

The flavors when melts in your mouth with vanilla ice cream tastes just exotic, flavorful and are sure to make you drool over every bite of this dessert.

So, try this unique yet classic and flavorful dessert once and you are sure to add this to your go-to list.


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